Here at No Fences Cowboy Church, we strive to meet the needs within our church and in our community through various teams within the church body. We encourage involvement in these teams and for our teams to work together through our various events throughout the year. These teams include the The Care Team, the Children's Ministry Team, The Day of the Cowboy Team, the Chuck Wagon Team, the Youth Ministry, the Grounds Team, the Marketing Team, The Arena Team, and the Music Team.

The care team

The Care Team is a ministry team that does work within the church and in the community in various times of need. They reach out to the needy by means of food and financial assistance as well as serving in various places and by helping families in times of loss or suffering. They also help to welcome new faces to the church and reach out by visiting people in Nursing homes and hospitals in the area.

The Children's ministry

Our children at No Fences Cowboy Church are our greatest gift. Our Children's Team is a group of dedicated people who strive to teach God's word and love through our Children's Church time during our Sunday morning services as well as on Wednesday nights. The Sunday morning Ranch Hands Childrens Church is for children ages 5-12 and focuses on various lessons each week that are culturally relevant and impact the children's lives. we also have a little Buckaroos Nursery for ages 0-2, and a Wrangler class for the 3-4 year olds. Wednesday nights the kids attend Arena Kids where they learn practical applications in the Bible as well as time learning roping, pole bending, and various other arena activities.

chuck wagon team

The Chuck Wagon is in place to provide the church and community with food and beverages for various events. They prepare our monthly Breakfast and contribute to our Fellowship Meals. They also participate in the Day of the Cowboy in a huge way. They are present at various events around the community to demonstrate cooking and preparation of authentic Chuck Wagon meals as well as to minister to people through various outreaches throughout the year.

the youth ministry

The Youth Ministry is a team of dedicated people who love and support our youth through this challenging time of adolescence through graduation. They participate in several fund-raisers and charity work to raise money for their goals throughout the year. They attend several camps and conferences as well as meeting each week on Wednesday nights to form and keep a strong bond with each other and Jesus Christ.

the grounds team

This team is dedicated to keeping the building and the grounds surrounding it in optimal shape. They do various landscaping and maintenance outdoors, as well as various maintenance needs on the inside of the church building as well. They are passionate about keeping Gods house in optimal esthetic and practical working condition.

the marketing team

This team works on various projects along with the other teams throughout the year. They are involved in flyer and poster design and other advertising for various events as well as keeping the websites and pages up to date. They also are involved in keeping different swag items and keeping them in stock and organizing. They are in an endeavor to help the teams and events get advertised efficiently in order to bring more people to Christ through these outreaches.

the arena team

This team is comprised of individuals who have a passion for the rodeos and other events therein, and love to help bring people together through these events. They put on Rodeos, calf sortings, bull rides, barrel races, our Youth Rodeo as well as participating in the Day of the Cowboy. They are dedicated to helping change lives in the western culture through bringing the Gospel of Jesus Chirst to the people who need to hear it in a setting where they are able to be  themselves.

the worship team

This team is comprised of talented and gifted individuals who deliver the gospel through music. They are dedicated to bringing culturally relevant music and worshiping God at the same time. They are involved in the Sunday morning services as well as various performances throughout the community and at special services at NFCC. They are able to minister through an avenue that everyone can relate to and understand.